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Leasing is a widespread and highly suitable form of financing for equipment, machinery, and vehicles for industry and the public sector.

About leasing

Your organisation obtains the use of the equipment by paying a rental charge over an agreed period, normally from 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of equipment and what you as a customer want, as long as this is in proportion to the anticipated economic lifetime.

Core product areas

Nordea Finance offers leasing in most industries and for most types of equipment.

  • Construction Diggers, wheel loaders, dumpers and crushers/quarrying.
  • Agriculture Tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipment.
  • Transportation Trucks, vans, buses og other vehicles.
  • ICT Copiers, servers, other hardware, software and medical technical equipment.

Leasing calculator

How to become a customer

To enter into a leasing agreement with Nordea Finance is a simple process. Below you will find a case example on how to enter into a leasing agreement.

Contact us directly or let your supplier contact us with a leasing request.
We make a credit rating, and if approved, we send out an offer that is accepted thorugh the customers signature, manually or with digital ID.
Credit rating and offer
Delivery can only take place after the acceptance form is signed and returned.
The equipment is examined and approved by the customer, the customer signs and returns the approval form, and we complete the payment.
Approval and payout
Start of leasing agreement
We will establish the final leasing contract and begin invoicing the leasing charge in accordance with the agreed payment terms and other conditions. You will always get your full customer overview on the Customer Portal by logging in from our website.


Frees operating capital to be used in other areas and you get up to 100% financing.

  • Up to 100% financing.
  • Frees operating capital to be used in other areas.
  • No advance payment of VAT on the date of acquisition.
  • Simple budgeting and accounting, since the lease is expensed completely.
  • Does not tie up the company's other collateral options, because we normally only take collatoral in the equipment.
  • Better ratio on the balance sheet, because the leasing objects are not normally capitalised in the accounts.
  • Tax deductions are larger for leasing than for loans, because the total depreciation with loan finance is lower than the total rental costs in the lease period.
  • Financial spread.
  • Faster tax entry of investment expenses.
  • Write-down of the equipment in line with loss of equipment value.
  • Flexibility. Leasing payments can be adapted to earnings, allowing for seasonal fluctuations.
  • Improved liquidity. Costs are distributed over the period the equipment is used and are generating earnings.
  • Full right of use of the equipment. It is the right of use, not the ownership, that creates the basis for income and profits.
  • Enables outdated equipment to be regularly replaced with up-to-date, efficient equipment.
  • Opportunities for joint operation with several farmers entering a joint leasing agreement (agriculture).

Why choose Nordea Finance?

We are specialists and market leader within equipment finance with in-depth knowledge about equipment and different industries. This is enhanced by our local presence and cooperation with leading suppliers.

We offer fast and flexibel customer service at competitive prices including favorable insurance schemes. In addition to that we provide excellent digital solutions that give our customers a full overview of their customer relationship with us.

EIB financing

As a result of a good collaboration between Nordea Finance and the European Investment Bank (www.eib.org), we have the pleasure of offering our clients beneficial financing.

As a result of the continuous good relationship between Nordea Finance AS and the European Investment Bank (www.eib.org), we have the pleasure of offering beneficial financing to our clients – both small and medium sized enterprises in addition to midcaps.

Our collaborations with European Investment Bank commenced in 2014, and through successful allocations since then, we have had the pleasure of offering this beneficial financing to more than seven thousand unique clients.

Eligible clients will receive a reduction on their interest rate of 0,25% - provided by European Investment Bank. In addition, the reduction has the potential to be offered for a length of five years.

In order to be eligible, there are a minimum of requirements that need to be fulfilled. Please use the links below in order to see if your company and investments are qualified.

EIB Information (in Danish)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We have an insurance cooperation agreement with Tryg Forsikring too insure better insurance terms for our customers.

Please contact us for any questions regarding insurance and terms.